In 1991, Christian Assist Trust (CAT) started in the basement of a church, aimed to help support and advocate for people in financial distress. We have since seen and experienced the toll of financial hardship and believe that financial education is vital for improving the overall quality of our lives. Our vision is for all people in New Zealand to have access to an education that provides them with the knowledge and skills to make informed financial decisions.

Our mission is to assist our community to become financially confident and independent. We do this by building relationships with our clients and providing a range of financial education resources. We love to see them realise they have the ability to achieve their goals, teach their friends and families about money tips and tools, and encourage open discussions about finance. Over the years, we have seen big changes in people’s perspectives and attitudes towards life as a whole after attending some of our programmes.


Our Team

Manager: Joan Thomas

Administration: Roxette Ogotau

Chairperson: Christina Epati

Treasurer & Complaints Officer: Allan Officer

Secretary: Ashley Thomas