We provide a range of financial education services to help manage your money better. Modules can be used independently by request otherwise you can try our two set programmes.

Family Forward Programme

Our Family Forward programme is aimed to support families moving forward to a better financial life style. Our seven 2 hour sessions cover the following:

  • Good Financial Practices
  • Achieving goals
  • Understanding your financial world (Part 1 & 2)
  • Caring for yourself and your family
  • A better finish (retirement)
  • Turning your Family Forward Dreams in to Reality


“That Budgeting Thing”

That Budgeting Thing” is a shorter / foundational version of Family Forward and is offered to youth, young people, families and everyone in between. Our 2 hour “TBT” session covers the following:

  • Setting Smart Goals
  • Using a Spending Plan / Budget Sheet
  • Knowing how to complete a Spending Plan
  • Knowing what your Income is
  • Knowing how to calculate your Weekly Expenses / Payments
  • Deficit / Surplus – Ways to Improve your Situation
  • Understanding Debt
  • Compound Interest
  • Savings
  • Practical Banking


Personalized Financial Education

As mentioned above, we can also offer a more personalized programme to suit your needs from our modules.

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