I had a mini-family project with 9 of my high school friends where together, we planned to have a fabulous getaway in Waiheke Island.
We managed to create a budget and have an amazing time away! Family Forward helped me to put my goals and dreams into action.”
– Family Forward Participant (23 years old)


Va’a recently shared at one of our workshops that each Christmas she hosts a ‘Polynesian feast’ for up to 50 family members using her own money.
This has caused financial stress on her immediate family and taken over spending quality time with them. After participating in our Family Forward programme and learning to set goals – this year Va’a decided to take steps and delegate responsibilities and share the financial costs with everyone attending.
Va’a also set a specific time-frame for their family gathering ensuring she has more quality time with her own young family.
-Family Forward Participant


“This was an awesome experience and I was able to connect with other families and share ideas and engage in discussion.”


“I found the course interesting. Made new friends and learnt budgeting skills that’s required in everyday life. It helped me learn so much about saving money and how taking loans can get you stuck into debt. This course also motivated me towards my career and my dreams. Most of all I enjoyed making new friends”.


“I have managed to find a suitable way of bettering my finances and putting it in action. By doing this I have more confidence in my dealings and don’t second guess anymore. I have lifted my head and blew away the unwanted clouds that have been clouding my perspective and how to grab my goal and ride with it. This by all means did help me to get a job and motivate my energy to “I can’t” to “I have” :).”


“Very well presented and informative. Keep up the good work and God bless this service”


“I believe this course is amazing. It relates to all people on so many levels. I love how you can have a business person, a million dollar investor, WINZ beneficiaries, cleaner, and social worker etc in the same place and working towards their own financial understanding. I love the resources and how we are able to have a meal and refreshments while working through each session. Amazing, I have so much love and respect for the Christian Assist Trust to make this programme accessible for all New Zealanders.”





“I strongly recommend the Family Forward Programme and would like to acknowledge Joan’s awesome facilitation skills and her warm and natural approach when engaging with our families. As a social worker in a school, I believe that this programme created some positive changes and shifted mind-sets an installed hope in our families.”-Family Works

“The group participants really enjoyed the programme which was easy, educational and enjoyable. This enabled the group to see different ways of practicing healthy money management and set positive financial goals. It also encouraged them to look after themselves and their fanau beyond the financial world giving them the tools to move forward confidently.”- Nor Western Cook Islands Taokotai Community Incorporated